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Healthy Eating at Walt Disney World: Animal Kingdom

If you’ve ever been to Disney world, you know that part of the experience is the food! From Cool Mickey Fudge Bars to gigantic hot Turkey legs, food is almost always a foundational part of […]

With spring comes new resolve.

With the spring rains comes the washing away of old mistakes and the rebirth of new goals. Spring has a way of bringing forth ideas and dreams that were frozen by the winters cold. Perhaps […]

Healthy Living Recipe: Maple Pear Over Night Oats

FALL IS HERE! FALL IS HERE!! Fall is officially here, and with that brings in all kinds of amazing flavors and scents. Yes of course there is pumpkin spice, be all too often we forget […]

How to stick to your healthy living goals at your Disney Resort!

I know a lot of people plan there Disney trips for a long time out,we plan our fast passes make our dinning reservations,and pick out the cutest clothes that are Disney related, and then we […]