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Healthy Eating at Walt Disney World: Animal Kingdom

If you’ve ever been to Disney world, you know that part of the experience is the food! From Cool Mickey Fudge Bars to gigantic hot Turkey legs, food is almost always a foundational part of […]

Adorable Mickey & Stitch Pajamas Now Available At Walmart

WOWIE! Walmart is stepping up their Disney Merch game and I couldn’t be any more excited, in addition to a new Minnie Mouse line of kids clothing, I also discovered some MORE cute pajamas! Maybe […]

Top 10 Things to do when it rains at Walt Disney World.

If you’ve booked your Walt Disney World vacation in the spring or summer you are almost sure to catch some rain at some point during your trip. Summer storms and sun showers are common. So […]

Spring Has Sprung! Easter at Walt Disney World.

Happy Easter Pals! While most people celebrate Easter with chocolate eggs and bunny ears we prefer Mickey fudge bar pops and mouse ears. If you are thinking about visiting Disney during the Easter holiday, never […]

New Disney Pajamas At Walmart

Did anyone else see the new PJ’s at Walmart? The Mrs.Pots ones have to be the cutest! From what I could see they went from the smaller sizes all the way up to a 22/24, […]

Bring The Scents Of Disney Home!

While surfing the internet a few weeks ago,I was really missing my second home which as you may know or not know it is Disney World. Now I was just there a month ago,but when […]

What Can I Say Except You’re Welcome?!?

As far as I’m concerned Moana is one of THE best Disney movies made yet! Cute pig, silly chicken, gorgeous demi-god, and a kick butt female lead, whats not to love? That’s why I fell […]

2018 Is The Year Of The Mouse

  Disney has just declared 2018 the year of the mouse! Not just any mouse mind you, but the one, the only MICKEY MOUSE!!!! To celebrate 90 years of Mickey Mouse Disney (Who’s first official […]