Top 10 Things to do when it rains at Walt Disney World.

If you’ve booked your Walt Disney World vacation in the spring or summer you are almost sure to catch some rain at some point during your trip. Summer storms and sun showers are common. So you’ll definitely want to pack a poncho. Keep in mind though, most rain showers won’t last, so it’s not always a damper to your daily park plans!

We usually get ours from dollar tree. They come in both kids and adult sizes, are light and disposable so you don’t have to figure out how to wrap and repack a wet poncho at the end of your trip, and since they are only $1 you can afford them for the whole family. Just bring a zip lock bag to pack them all in if the rains clear while still at the park. *PRO TIP: If you have a stroller a light dollar store shower curtain liner covers quite nicely while still allowing young children to see the world around them!

You can easily hang them in your resort bathroom to drip dry once you get back to your hotel for the night. A poncho keeps you dry, but sometimes in climate weather will cause rides to temporarily shut down, and you may be wondering, now what?


10. SHOPPING: There is no better time to get your shopping done, then when it’s raining. The stores may be a bit more crowded from people trying to stay dry, but there are usually always extra cast members on hand to help. Most in park shops will even deliver items right to your room, so you don’t have to worry about carrying around heavy shopping bags during your day.

9.CHARACTER MEETS- these days so many meet & greets are inside or at the very least in a covered pavilion location. Find your favorites through your My Disney Experience app or ask a cast memeber and get some memorable family photos!

8. SIT DOWN- One of the best things about rain, is that it helps remind you to slow down and allows you to enjoy things you may not have done before. Check out the area table service restaurants, and enjoy a nice hot meal with the family.

7. FIND INDOOR ATTRACTIONS- If it starts raining while in the park, you will most likely notice that most if not all outdoor attractions will close or be on limited running, but there is still tons of fun to be had. Now is the perfect time to check out shows like Finding Nemo & The Lion King.

6. RESORT HOP- If you’ve always wanted to know what it looks like inside the Beach Club, or take in the wonder of Animal Kingdom Lodge, go for it! We usually go to Disney Springs and catch the bus to each hotel, or even better, we do a Monorail Crawl to each resort on the Monorail circle and find a snack, drink, or dessert for the family to share. It lets us experience different places without spending tons of money! If you are around for the holidays this is a MUST do, even without the rain!

5. DISNEY SPRINGS- While most of the shopping has you going in and out the stores are close together so you won’t have to worry about getting TOO wet, you can also take in a movie, go bowling, capture family memories at the photo studio, or if you know about the rain early enough, you can book a time slot for The Void- A Star Wars inspired VR experience that puts YOU in the movie!

4. NAP- If you’ve been at the parks a few days, use the rain as an excuse for some down time. Stay in your room and nap while the kids watch their favorite Disney shows on TV. If you are a DVC member you can also use their complimentary DVD rental service.

3. PLAY- Most resorts at Walt Disney World have their own arcade, so grab the kids and get to the game room, they have plenty of new games as well as some classics- one of my favorites is a larger then life version of Pac-Man.

2. RELAX- Disney World Resorts has a few spas & health clubs on site that offer massages, facials & mani/pedi’s let the kids relax at the resort with dad or make it a couples thing by asking a cast member which spas & health clubs offer child care.

1. HAVE FUN- Remember “A Rainy Day At Disney Is Better Then NO Day At Disney”, so even in the rain remember to have fun and allow yourself to become like a child again (this may or may not include puddle hopping!), and don’t let a little rain damper your Disney Day!

*If you are worried about items in your back pack getting wet be sure to bring a few zip lock bags in several sizes in your daily park bag , if you forget most shops will give you a shopping bag to protect your items if ask.



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