Healthy Eating at Walt Disney World: Animal Kingdom

If you’ve ever been to Disney world, you know that part of the experience is the food! From Cool Mickey Fudge Bars to gigantic hot Turkey legs, food is almost always a foundational part of the Disney vacation experience, that can get us off track from our goals quickly. That being said, it’s a vacation enjoy yourself!

You didn’t gain that extra 10 – 20 – or even 30lbs from vacation food, it only becomes a problem when it’s all a part of your lifestyle. So if you visit Disney frequently, or simply don’t want to get too far off track from your healthy eating life style, there ARE options, from the resorts and into the parks Disney makes staying on track easy peasy!

A while back we pointed out some healthy Meal & Snack options at WDW Resorts. Today we’re going to take a look at some options at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, mainly Harambe Fruit Market.


Harambe Market is hands down the best place to get your healthy food fix while enjoying the Animal Kingdom. From fruit to nuts, there is something there for everyone. Just check out these pix that Dawn took during her last visit to Walt Disney World:

for up to date menu choices & prices please visit: The Harambe Fruit Market

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