Stitch’s Holiday Gift Hunt at Disney Springs

The holiday season is in full swing everywhere at Walt Disney World, even at Disney Springs ( You, don’t know how much I still want to call it Downtown.) Besides the massive tree, twinkling lights, and specially placed light up deer and ornaments throughout, there is a little known adventure that brings you throughout the Disney Springs Property.

Get your walking shoes on and grab your passport at guest relations because Stitch’s Holiday Gift Hunt brings you all around Disney Springs in a seek and find adventure. Page by page you’ll have to solve clues to find what stores Stitch has visited – *hint he likes to hide in high places so look up!!- and match the stickers to the gifts he’s chosen at each shop (Some stores have even included exclusive savings through your passport).

With 12 stops this adventure game was one of the best ways to make sure we got to see ALL of what Disney Springs has to offer, while keeping my 5 year old excited and busy, for you it’s an excuse to shop, for the the kids it’s a game that will even bring you through the Christmas Tree Trail. And when you’ve figured out all the clues you can head back to one of the redemption locations for your prize!

Stitch’s Gift Hunt & the Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail runs from Nov 10th- January 7th, 2018

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