How to stick to your healthy living goals at your Disney Resort!

I know a lot of people plan there Disney trips for a long time out,we plan our fast passes make our dinning reservations,and pick out the cutest clothes that are Disney related, and then we get there and are overwhelmed by all of the different sites and smells that are so yummy, temptation sets in really fast,and if were not careful we can do ourselves in really fast.

So there doesn’t seem to be too much info on eating healthy while at Disney, I get it your on vacation,and the joke is calories at Disney don’t count, but sadly they do and you can really pack on the pounds.

I can’t lie, my last trip was 2 days, and I gained 2 lbs!!! I will admit I did eat a lot,and a lot of the wrong things, but I am telling you there really is no excuse not to eat healthy while at Disney.

This blog is going to be about eating healthy at the hotel. Now it doesn’t really matter which hotel your at, all of them seem to have basically the same items in the food court. I like to stay at the value resorts, but I visit the other resorts all the time,and weird but I always go looking into the food courts to see what they have to offer.Some are better than others,but we will get to that later on.

So, you are starving and its time for lunch or dinner,what do you get? Now if you look at the menus ,most of your choices are gonna be the typical hamburgers,hot dogs,pasta,french fries, while those are good, its not good for someone trying to watch what they are eating. So, what does one do?

Let me share this little secret…go to the fridge section!!! That is where you will find the healthy gold!! You can find some of the most amazing items there! Like healthy wraps, yogurts, salads, fresh fruits, like watermelon, grapes, mixed fruit cups and more.

You will also find milk,kids yogurt drinks, jello, and baked snacks. I know crazy right. I couldn’t believe the amount of healthier options I seen on my last trip,I had to get some pics.

Now, ok, you are really in the mood for something hot, I get it. Another tip is to order a kids meal,each menu usually has what they call a Mickey check meal on it,That is the healthy option for kids. Now you don’t have to be a certain age to purchase this meal. It comes with an entree,drink,and 2 sides,at a low cost usually around 6 bucks.

Its a perfect small portion, the sides can be a small cookie, grapes,yogurt,jello,or apples .

If you really want something off the regular menu, remember if you don’t want the sides, you can tell them you just want the entree, this will not only save on calories,but also usually knock a few bucks off the bill.

I also just seen this my last visit, for those of you who want to get more exercise in,if your not in a bigger hotel(one that has a gym in it), Disney has made maps of the running course available for each hotel,you can also walk around your hotels and enjoy the scenery there too.

Another fun exercise to do is swimming, the pools now are only open till about 10pm, but they open early in the morning, depending on when you go, get a good swim in.

The best thing I can tell you is of you do dig into that yummy treat at the hotel,like the tye dyed cheesecake that is amazing, if you go to the parks, you will be walking anywhere from 8 to 11 miles a that small dessert wont kill you, but just don’t over do it.

If you have any questions about eating right,or where to eat,or basic questions about eating,I have eaten all over the parks,and hotels, I can help answer your questions. – Dawn

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