Healthy Living Recipe: Maple Pear Over Night Oats

FALL IS HERE! FALL IS HERE!! Fall is officially here, and with that brings in all kinds of amazing flavors and scents. Yes of course there is pumpkin spice, be all too often we forget about the warmth that other flavors like cinnamon, maple, nutmeg and cardamom bring us.
Since fall has come, but the fall weather here in Florida has not, I found myself craving the flavor of fall, without having to have the hot breakfast that most people look for this time of year, and while browsing the yogurt section of my local grocery I found it! Chobani has out a maple blended Greek yogurt that was just calling me. (And I’ll be honest, I’m not crazy about Greek yogurt, it’s always too “sour” tasting when eaten alone so I usually always combine it with something or use it in a smoothie.)
Want to make your own?

1 C Quick Cook Oats
1 C Maple Blended Greek Yogurt
1 Diced Pear
1 tsp brown sugar
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/2- 1 C Unsweet Almond Milk (or your favorite milk or milk alternative)

Toss pear, brown sugar, & cinnamon in a hot pan until softened.
Combine all ingredients together and shake jar. Place in fridge over night & enjoy the next morning (or the morning after that, I’ve often made 3-4 jars in advance with no problems or changes to the flavor)

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