Bring The Scents Of Disney Home!

While surfing the internet a few weeks ago,I was really missing my second home which as you may know or not know it is Disney World. Now I was just there a month ago,but when i can not get to the parks I miss it so much,and was thinking of a way to fill that void so to speak. So, I am very moved by memories and smells. There are just some scents at Disney that you just miss smelling,and some are just so memorable. So, for me that scent is Rome burning in Spaceship Earth. Weird as it may be that is one of my most favorite smells from Disney. So, while surfing around Etsy I found some candles, wax tarts, and the like,there are so many of them on there selling Disney smells.

So, while looking through the lists there it was the scent that I hold most dear, Rome burning. I couldn’t believe that they could capture the scent. I got a wax melting set for Christmas and it was just waiting for some Disney goodness. So, I went ahead and ordered the wax tarts. For my first order, I only ordered one just to see if it was any good.

Two days later my package was at my door, super fast shipping…awesome!! I could not wait to start burning this thing! So, I took it out of the package,and seen not only my Thank the Phoenicians wax tart but also a freebie, a single tart of the Floridian Lobby! How cool was that! So, I pop that baby in my burner,and within a few minutes I began to smell that ohh so familiar smell,no stinkin way, they actually encapsulated Rome burning into a wax tart.

I couldn’t believe my nose my house smelled like Rome burning, I closed my eyes, sat down and I was taken back to Spaceship Earth! I almost cried,here I was sitting in my own house smelling Disney! The smell is nothing short of amazing, its not overpowering or anything,its perfect!

I then burned the freebie tart of the Floridian , and again, nothing short of amazing,smells exactly like your walking into the Grand Floridian Lobby,checking in those luggage bags,finding out what room your in, you get the picture.

I will def be back to order more from this amazing person on etsy! Prices are amazing too!!!!
​For those of you who wish to go relive your memories you can find Fandoms and Fairytales on Etsy,you will not be dissapointed!!!

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