Month: March 2018

New Disney Pajamas At Walmart

Did anyone else see the new PJ’s at Walmart? The Mrs.Pots ones have to be the cutest! From what I could see they went from the smaller sizes all the way up to a 22/24, […]

Rock The Dots

Did you know today is National Polka Dot day?? If you spent any time in Disney or even on social media this weekend you may have gotten lost in a sea of polka dots. Walt […]

Bring The Scents Of Disney Home!

While surfing the internet a few weeks ago,I was really missing my second home which as you may know or not know it is Disney World. Now I was just there a month ago,but when […]

What Can I Say Except You’re Welcome?!?

As far as I’m concerned Moana is one of THE best Disney movies made yet! Cute pig, silly chicken, gorgeous demi-god, and a kick butt female lead, whats not to love? That’s why I fell […]

Stitch’s Holiday Gift Hunt at Disney Springs

The holiday season is in full swing everywhere at Walt Disney World, even at Disney Springs ( You, don’t know how much I still want to call it Downtown.) Besides the massive tree, twinkling lights, […]

Healthy Living Recipe: Maple Pear Over Night Oats

FALL IS HERE! FALL IS HERE!! Fall is officially here, and with that brings in all kinds of amazing flavors and scents. Yes of course there is pumpkin spice, be all too often we forget […]

How to stick to your healthy living goals at your Disney Resort!

I know a lot of people plan there Disney trips for a long time out,we plan our fast passes make our dinning reservations,and pick out the cutest clothes that are Disney related, and then we […]

2018 Is The Year Of The Mouse

  Disney has just declared 2018 the year of the mouse! Not just any mouse mind you, but the one, the only MICKEY MOUSE!!!! To celebrate 90 years of Mickey Mouse Disney (Who’s first official […]